Choosing The Right POS System

How To Choose The Right POS System

If you are considering purchasing and using a POS system for the first time, or even if you are experienced and updating your old system, it’s a good idea to formulate the questions you want to ask, have a list of items you want the system to achieve and set a fairly flexible budget

You can talk to other business owners as well about different systems if any of you have time.

So to help steer you through the first stages, an essential read is our guide to choosing the right POS.

Choosing The Right POS System

Existing System Or Operation

Firstly evaluate your current operation and system software if you already have it. Do you want to integrate existing accounting packages or printers and will they be compatible with a new system? Some manufactures are able to help integrate existing software and hardware, others are less flexible, so ask those key questions as early as possible

If you are able to find a POS that will integrate with your existing systems it will almost certainly save you time and money.

Pricing And Ongoing Costs

This will be most business owners driving factor, not only getting value for money but also considering both rentals and full purchase.

If you are going to buy your system outright, what are the ongoing charges? Is there an annual license, or monthly management fee. Are there additional monthly costs for service and software support.

Is there a maintenance package available at a flexible cost, or will you have to pay for engineers’ visits on an individual basis?

Finally (and this is rare) if you decide to terminate your agreement with the POS provider, will there be termination costs to consider.

Lots to think about on this one.

Hardware From The Software Supplier Or Stand-Alone?

So you have answered the software questions, but make sure you evaluate hardware as well. After all the software is of little use without a keyboard, monitor, printer, scanner etc.

Final Thoughts

There is probably no such thing as too much research, but if you insist on direct and qualified answers it will not take a s long as you think.

Make sure your POS fits “your” requirements and dont be sold something that is not fit for purpose

Flexibility is vital in a POS and ensure your vendor is adapting to future trends and legislation.

If you follow our handy tips, it will be plain sailing. Or just talk to one of our experts at BBT