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What Is A POS System?

Many businesses contemplate using a POS system and are familiar with the terminology, but maybe unsure of the many benefits and exactly what is a POS system.

Other business users aren’t familiar at all and perhaps haven’t looked into POS systems.

Whatever the case, our helpful info blog will give you some answers.

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Defining a POS

When a customer is about to make a payment for a product or service at your place of business, the definition is that they are making a point of sale transaction (POS)

A POS system is an amalgamation of hardware and software, that not only protects the business owner but also delivers a secure purchasing platform for the consumer.

A POS is a core element or hub that collates and stores information such as sales, stock control, promotional activity, receipts for purchase, etc.

A system normally consists of a PC, a Screen/Monitor, one or more receipt printers, maybe a credit card reader to allow cash-free purchases, a cash drawer. (Cash is still a big favorite with many despite some people extolling the virtues of a cash-free society) and (especially in retail businesses) a bar code scanner.

These hardware items have become very reliable and cost-effective compared to earlier models and many come with extensive warranties.
BlueBarTender offers several models of these components at competitive prices, with One Year Hardware warranties.

Why Purchase a POS?

Despite huge leaps forward in POS technology and their ease of use and simplified designs and sizes, compared to early POS, a recent retailers survey in 2019 found that as many as 44% of single store or single business owners were not using a POS system in their business.

Many were still stuck with outdated methods such as manual input on cash registers, and attempting to compile reports and data via spreadsheets and poor online reporting tools.

A POS system takes away those headaches and frees up time for a business owner to focus on the running of their business and not become bogged down with administrative tasks.

Why The Reluctance?

For many business owners, it’s a case of simply weighing up the pros and cons of a POS system, but for some, it is a reluctance to embrace or implement new technology into their business.

These businesses are failing to quantify the cost of “Time” and are at risk to  lose touch with their customers. There are far more negative consequences to NOT having a POS than many businesses realise.

Even those that are unwilling to embrace technology, must evaluate a POS system in terms of customer interaction, customer confidence, a smoother operation, and the potential loss of critical sales and revenue data.

Final Thoughts

A busy store or restaurant can have many tasks that are manually driven, and to ensure a smooth operation, reducing those to the minimum is key.

Revitalising your operation with a first time or new POS system can deliver on so many levels in terms of managing your business at your fingertips. It’s not only about the flexible processing of daily transactions, it’s about data that every business owner or manager should be able to access in simple report form, and take action accordingly.

Staff confidence improves and customers are happy and spend more freely. It’s an all-round winner for business owners. 

If by now you feel that a POS would be of benefit to your business then BlueBarTender can certainly assist.